About Kamer's Auto Parts & Iron Company

Kramer's Auto Parts & Iron Co Inc started business in September of 1963, handling scrap iron and metals out of the backyard of their half acre home. In 1967 we purchased 16 acres of land where we bought iron and cars, but never saved any parts. We bought a small building to live in for six years until we bought our house. In 1970 we decided to sell car parts so we had people take them off themselves.

The business today consists of 20 acres in which we purchase cars and sell used car parts. We also buy scrap iron, metals, tin, combines, aluminum cans and other metals. We have private and industrial accounts in which we serve.

What began as a husband-wife operation, now has 10 employees including family. Patty Kramer (daughter) works in sales and inventorying vehicles. Lisa Bartz (daughter) works as secretary and also in sales. Tim Bartz (son-in-law) works as yard foreman. And sometimes many of the various grandkids can be found around the yard helping out.

The business has grown in many ways. We have new equipment to unload our customers when they come in. We have added Komatsu cranes and Caterpillar cranes and forklifts to the yard. We use an Al-Jon car logger to crush our cars. We process all scrap where we then ship to a grinder where they ship on to make new metal after they process. We recycle aluminum cans and ship by the semi-load directly to Alcoa where they are melted down and made in to new aluminum products. We also buy non-ferrous metals which our shipped by the semi load to a distributor also. Any metal you have can be recycled here. If you need to clean up a location with scrap we have trailers and containers available for you to use.

The business now has computerized inventory which was added in 1993. Our system allows us to inventory parts as they come in so we know what we have in-stock. We are also set up with a nationwide parts locating service: if we don't have it, we can find it! Our parts are available to search on this website and also on our eBay store for convenient after hour locating by you.